Saturday, June 5, 2010

Culinary Confession

Bless me, James Beard, for I have sinned- it has been six weeks since my last culinary confession. Last week, I ate dirt pudding... a concoction that a friend of mine, who was running an afterschool program for seven-year-olds, had whipped up after teaching the little urchins about soil. To make the dirt pudding, she mashed up an Entemann's Bakery chocolate-chocolate cake with store-bought chocolate pudding (she prefers to use Kozy Shack brand), chocolate chips, and Cocoa Pebbles cereal. For a added element of "grossness" guaranteed to appeal to any seven-year-old, she garnished the dirt pudding with Gummi Worms.

As can be expected, the resulting soil simulating salmagundi was trashy, but tasty. If I ever make it at home, I'll be sure to wash it down with a copious amount of White Russians.

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