Sunday, April 4, 2010

How is this Post Unlike any Other?

This post is unlike any other because it is a mea culpa- I totally forgot to write about Passover, and there is no other holy day which is characterized to such an extent by the foods associated with it. Here I am, trying to pose as a "foodie" blogger, and I spaced out about Passover... may as well turn in my I.D. at the front desk! Yeah, I could have written about the significance of the bitter herbs, of the charoset, of the lamb bone. I could have written about pizzerias that make matzoh pizza (sounds like an ancient Inca city) for patrons observing Passover. I could have... yeah, I blew it. Hopefully, I won't space out on Passover next year- anybody hosting a Seder should drop me a line- I'd be totally up for bringing a "Sephardic inspired" grated-carrot "slaw" dressed with olive oil, a hint of lemon juice and a bouquet of such spices as coriander, cumin, and a hint of red pepper.

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